What's New

New in Version 17

To see all of the ATS Portal's implemented features go to the About The Portal page.

User Management:

 Workday Single Sign On

Users can now log in to the Portal via Workday. For more detailed information see the Workday SSO section of the About The Portal Page.

 Tenanat Database Initialization

User's with the correct access will be able to initialize Timecom Monitor databases through the Company Management page.

 Added First/Last Names to User List Page

 Allow for the same email domain to be added to multiple companies

When registering as a new user, if the user's email domain has more than one company assigned then the new user will get a prompt for which company/companies they want to be assigned to.

Timecom Monitor:

 Update TCD Information

On the TCD Detail page there is an option to update the TCD's information. Fields that can be updated are: Secondary Identifier, Comments, and Address Fields

 Update Fingerprint Sensitivity Level

On the Employee Detail page there is an option to update the fingerprint sensitivity level of an employee if that employee is enrolled in biometric.

 Added TCD IP Address

On the TCD List and TCD Detail pages the TCD's IP Address will show, if it has one.

 Added Employee Supervisor Level

On the Employee Detail page there is a Supervisor field.

 Added ability to set user view restrictions based on Employee Data Sets

Users can be restricted to see certain Employee Data Sets in the Timecom Monitor.

Time Clock Simulator:

 Added Time Clock Simulator Functionality

Simulation of a time clock where punches can be sent directly to Workday.


 Live Chat

Added a "Chat with us" button to the bottom right of every page so users can instantly chat with the customer service team.

 General bug fixes