All notable changes to the Portal will be documented below.

To see all of the Portal's implemented features, view the Portal Documentation.

 Olark chart to Hubspot chat

 Timecom Features Page located in the help dropdown in the header.
 Audit Log (Admins Only)

 Radio Button UI

 Removed Email List checkbox

 An weekly automated email to be sent to supervisors have users that are waiting to be enabled.
 Dynamically change logging level. (Admins Only)

 Improved Timecom Monitor search functionality - The company search will look for a match in any column of the employee list or tcd list tables.
 Updated the Timecom Monitor UI/UX:
    •  Created a nested Timecom Monitor side menu
    •  The company is saved in the browser once a company is selected
    •  Can change the company on every timecom monitor page except the detail pages
    •  Pages are loaded with the default filters and users can update the filters only on the page they are on.
    •  Removed the search functionality in the filter modals because it is now redundant with the "Search Table" filter above each table.

 Added "Allow Employee Fingerprint Level Edits" to the company edit page. This can only be set if the timecom monitor is set to Yes, otherwise it will automatically be set to No. (Admins only)
 Added "Employee Messaging Access" to the company edit page. This can only be set if the timecom monitor is set to Yes, otherwise it will automatically be set to No. (Admins only)

 Added Employee Message Management, a tool for Portal users to manage the messages they send to employees. The messages will pop up on the TCD for the selected employee(s) when they punch in or out.

 Save table state information such as pagination position, display length, filtering, and sorting. Each tables state will be saved until the user logs out.
 Updated all buttons that do not have any input fields to be links that look like buttons. This is so users can open pages in a new tab.

 Show/Hide column functionality on Timecom Monitor tables
 TCD Secondary Identifier column on the Punch List page
 Ability to filter the Punch List table by TCD Secondary Identifier
 Physical Address column on the TCD List page
 Ability to filter the TCD List table by Physical Address
 TCD connection history on the TCD Detail page
 Logical Groups to the TCD List and TCD Detail pages
 A Logical Group Detail page
 A Logical Group filter for the TCD List page
 "Percent Online Last 30 Days" fields to the TCD List and TCD Detail pages
 Display Date Format and Display Time Format fields to the user edit page (US or UK dates) (12 or 24 hour times). These fields will determine the display date for all non-UTC datetimes in the Portal. You can only access these fields by editing yourself.

 Normalized display dates
 The files in the File Repository will show the last modified date instead of the date added field
 Duplicate database schemas are no longer permitted (Admin only)
 EXML Version number on the company edit page (Admin only)

 This changelog
 Search functionality on every Timecom Monitor Page
 Footer on every Timecom Monitor page to help navigation
 Ability to show/hide columns on the Timecom Monitor list pages
 Ability to reorder columns on the Timecom Monitor list pages
 Added Maximum Pool Size field on the Company Edit page for Admins only

 The About the Portal Page changed to a Help Page and have some features show/hide depending on user access type

 The What's New page

 On the User Management page, Admins, Customer Care, and Managers can set Endusers to only view certain Employee Data Sets in the Timecom Monitor by restricting Viewable Employee Data Sets
 Biometric Template Details on the Employee Detail page
 Allow user to deactivate/activate bio templates

 When registering as a new user, if the users email domain has more than one company assigned then the new user will get a prompt for which company/companies they want to be assigned to